Monday, February 28, 2005

Holy Grails

You know what's awesome? When you write a post and it doesn't go up and then it disappears. That's great. The best.

Anyway, this past week Lisa and I took her 12 year old cousin out for his birthday. This was awesome because 12 year old boys have pretty much the same ideas of fun that I do. One place we went was Toy Tokyo, a cool toy shop in the village. While checking out there, I saw a photo. The photo was of Audrey Tautou in that very shop holding an Amelie doll based on her. I knew then I had to have it.

Except it's real hard to find. They don't carry it anymore. Nothing on ebay, Amazon, and I haven't found it on Google. I'm afraid this may plague me for the rest of my days. What is a nerd to do? Just wish and hope and keep looking I guess. It'll be there with my Frank Quitely Marvel Family sketch, my night of drinking with Grant Morrison, and Weezer playing at my wedding. Fond dreams.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

100 Things I Love About Comics

Cunard is a bully.

1. The Marvel Family
2. Grant Morrison
3. Frank Quitely
4. Flex Mentallo: Man of Muscle Mystery
5. Optic Nerve/Adrian Tomine
6. Acme Novelty/Chris Ware
7. Dan Clowes
8. Los Bros. Hernandez/Love and Rockets
9. Plastic Man
10. Kyle Baker
11. Longshot
12. Art Adams
13. Darwyn Cooke
14. New Frontier
15. Robert Kirkman
16. Invincible
17. Alan Moore
18. Top Ten
19. Watchmen
20. Promethea
21. From Hell
22. Frank Miller
23. Sin City
24. DK2
25. Ronin
26. Lone Wolf and Cub
27. We3
28. Animal Man
29. Who’s Who
30. Ty Templeton
31. Adam Strange
32. Andy Diggle
33. Jock
34. Mike Allred
35. Paul Pope
36. Street Angel
37. Paul Grist
38. Ultra
39. 3D Man
40. Preacher
41. Garth Ennis
42. Steve Dillon
43. Mike Mignola
44. Eric Powell
45. Ed Brubaker
46. Michael Lark
47. Brian K. Vaughn
48. Runaways
49. Ex Machina
50. Lee/Kirby FF
51. Elliot S! Maggin
52. Alan Moore’s Rob Liefeld’s universe
53. Sgt. Rock
54. Characters with bandaged faces
55. Snake Eyes
56. DC 1 Million
57. newXmen
58. JRjr
59. Jay Stephens
60. Jetcat
61. Atomic City Tales
62. Jenkins/Lee Inhumans
63. Galactus
64. Iceman
65. Teen Titans (the cartoon)
66. Bruce Timm
67. Team-ups that shouldn’t happen but are fun anyway
68. Nick Fury
69. Fury by Garth Ennis
70. The excitement of Wednesdays
71. Grant Morrison’s interviews
72. Alan Moore’s interviews
73. Tommy Lee Edwards
74. Hellboy Jr.
75. Huge Retarded Duck
76. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
77. Jenkins’ The Sentry miniseries
78. Skrull Kill Krew
79. Marvel Boy
80. The Official Handbook for the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition
81. The Metal Men
82. Philip Bond
83. Jim Hanley’s Universe
84. St. Marks in Brooklyn
85. characters whose costumes cover their entire bodies and faces
86. the idea of the current Batgirl
87. excited discussions of what might happen next
88. The Invisibles
89. The Filth
90. Marshall Law
91. Hellboy
92. The Goon
93. Frankie
94. Bizarro
95. Bizarros
96. Bizarro World
97. Bizarro Comics
98. Matter Eater Lad
99. The Five Years Later Legion
100. Moon Knight/Werewolf by Night/Shroud/Shroud’s group

Monday, February 14, 2005

Here's a tip

If you're going to be moving, and you want to hire mover/packers to do it last minute, don't go with 212 Moving. They gave me a price and a time, came on that time, said it was going to be 800 extra at least for the packing (which was included, supposedly, in the first price). I didn't want to do that so they gave me some boxes (apparently, 200 some dollars worth of fucking cardboard) and Lisa was an angel and came and helped me pack all night. They were an hour and a half late the next day and ended up charging me almost double the original amount. In the meantime, I'd missed the power guys, the gas guys, and the phone guys. The very next day I had to fly to Florida for a school thing. By the way, Florida fucking sucks. No wonder those shitting assholes can't get their voting abilities together, the place is a shithole.

So I'm finally moved in, I finally have heat, and I finally have phone service. I actually really like my new place. I've already found an amazing Italian bakery and a great actual Mexican joint. The apartment itself is much bigger than anything I've had before and Lisa has done an amazing job helping me set up. I'd be living out of boxes without her.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Stupid Ed Cunard

He memed me or something. So here we go.

1. Total amount of music files on your computer:

A whole damn lot. But when I recently got my computer rebuilt the sound stopped working. And I never called the guys to get that fixed. So all that shit I downloaded in college is still there, but I can't listen to it.

2. The last CD you bought was:

I think it was the remastered Back in Black by AC/DC.

3. What is the song you last listened to before reading this message?

Some awful dinner-theater talentless shitfucks singing something about education.

4. Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.

1. "Only in Dreams" -- Weezer
2. "Whiskey River" -- Willie Nelson
3. "Cheatin' Heart" -- Hank Williams Sr.
4. "Alive and Amplified" -- Mooney Suzuki
5. "So Whatcha Want?" -- The Beastie Boys

5. Who are you going to pass this stick to? (3 persons) and why?

Zack Braff, Galactus, and Michael Pullman, because I want to know and I have them linked.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I hate moving

I really do. I can think of few things that make me this upset. I hate packing, I hate moving, I hate unpacking. I loathe them. You have no idea. As soon as I know it's going to happen I get all worked up. I get nervous, stressed, freaked out. And that doesn't really happen to me much otherwise. But moving really fucks with me. I'm moving tomorrow. Found a place on Monday. On Sunday, I'm going on a school trip to Florida (no kids). Also, I'm sick as hell right now. This is such a lovely combination that I can't think straight.

Luckily, I hired packer/movers. But I want it done with NOW. This is THE SUCK. I've taken down all my posters, packed all my toys, dissembled part of my shelving units, even bagged up most of the dirty laundry. BLARG BLARG BLARG. This is the worst. I hate it. Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate.

That is all.