Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cool Notes from Kids

Thought I'd post scans and transcriptions of a few funny notes and pictures I've received or intercepted in my classroom this year. First off is a little exchange between K and N, two guys who are clearly best friends. These guys crack me up. K is clearly going to grow up to be a villain of some sort.

He needs a mustache to twirl

Then L, one of my favorite girls, wrote a love note to the aforementioned N. The writing is all over the place, but I think it's something like this: "N. do you like me? Yes or No?"

N didn't circle either, he wrote "Maybe." From there:

"Not maybe! Just tell me."
"I deny it!"

I know how she feels. Speaking of her, here's an awesome portrait of me she drew. Even has my teeth sparkling.


Yup, that's right. I'm cool. They also refer to me (since I have trained them) as "the handsome teacher." God, I love my job.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


This is teacher heaven.

I love my kids.

They are crazy smart. They are really sweet. And they are funny as hell. I have a lot of clever, clever kids. Some of them already are starting 2nd grade reading at a higher level that some of my third graders ended up as. It's mind-boggling, how much smarter kids can be.

They are awesome.

I love these guys.

Monday, September 05, 2005


So tomorrow the school year begins anew. Two days of inservice and then the kids show up. New principal this year, and he IS a new principal. Was a teacher last year. Could work for my benefit or my detriment, will just have to see. Feel rather drained at the moment. It's been a long, good summer. But I could go for a bit more. Here goes nothing, as they say.

Spent most of the summer at Lisa's. Finding it lamer and lamer to just stay at my own pad alone. Will be interesting to see how that goes in the coming year. Also, needing to be tighter and tighter with finances. Very difficult but doable.

Had a friend from my teaching program. Best friend from it, actually. Thick as thieves from week 1 or so. Even placed in separate, but close schools, still hung out, drank, sang, danced, etc. Haven't heard from her in almost a year. Phone calls, emails ...all unreturned. Fucking sucks. An only child, I've always gathered my "siblings" and held them close. Friendship of utmost importance. This, unprecedented. Feels worse than most "relationship" ends. Frankly don't know what to do; rather, frankly know there's nothing to do.

So, yeah. All this doesn't compare with sadness at Katrina aftermath. Like a bad science fiction story. Unable to comprehend, quite honestly. New Orleans friend is fine, my Aunt and Uncle likewise. But so many . . .Jesus, we really don't understand what this will mean, yet.

Hm. Need to bring up my mood before my first day. Rock and roll will do the trick.