Monday, February 14, 2005

Here's a tip

If you're going to be moving, and you want to hire mover/packers to do it last minute, don't go with 212 Moving. They gave me a price and a time, came on that time, said it was going to be 800 extra at least for the packing (which was included, supposedly, in the first price). I didn't want to do that so they gave me some boxes (apparently, 200 some dollars worth of fucking cardboard) and Lisa was an angel and came and helped me pack all night. They were an hour and a half late the next day and ended up charging me almost double the original amount. In the meantime, I'd missed the power guys, the gas guys, and the phone guys. The very next day I had to fly to Florida for a school thing. By the way, Florida fucking sucks. No wonder those shitting assholes can't get their voting abilities together, the place is a shithole.

So I'm finally moved in, I finally have heat, and I finally have phone service. I actually really like my new place. I've already found an amazing Italian bakery and a great actual Mexican joint. The apartment itself is much bigger than anything I've had before and Lisa has done an amazing job helping me set up. I'd be living out of boxes without her.


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