Thursday, August 25, 2005


Check out what Lisa got me for our anniversary!

Past Lives

Before I became a teacher, I worked in a post house here in NYC. We did spots, commercials, and your occasional MTV show. I was mostly a receptionist and client services person.

The company held a 10th anniversary party tonight and I was invited. It was fucking swanky as hell. Rooftop in Tribeca, string quartet, another band, good food, the works. And, of course, Gilbert Gottfried walking around in a sportcoat and boxers.

It was odd. Great to see my friends from there, but just so strange to remember that part of my life. A waiter came up to me and actually said, "You look like a graphic designer? Are you? Because I'm looking to get into--" and gave me his whole spiel before I got to say, "No, I teach second grade. Call me when you need to learn how to add." The politics and the sniveling that come with the business and the fun. Reminds me I made, for me, the right decision.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Check it out

My buddy Tim has a blog now. Blogs are generally uninteresting (example found here) but he's a programming guy at IFC so it's pretty cool. So check it out.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Various and sundry

Lisa and I went to Kentucky. Well, first she, her sister, and I went to Lisa's friend's wedding in Jersey. I missed Alex's shop opening for that. I guess it was fun. The kids there were hilarious, especialy Dong the dancing machine. We went back to the hotel and had a beer tasting party and Lisa and I got stupid drunk. She threw up the next morning. A lot. We took Jin back to Manhattan, then started on our road trip.

Never, ever, ever drive from Manhattan to Kentucky in one day without another driver. Jesus.

Kentucky was fun. Surprised the parents. Had some great food, ran into a few people that really reminded me of who I am/can be. Saw Mrs. and Kevin Pence. I'd avoided them for a while . . .I didn't want to ruin the myth the Pence family had become.

Silly me. They're still completely awesome.

So we're probably having the wedding in Kentucky now. That should be interesting. Lisa still isn't a huge fan of the planning. And I still get overexcited and want to do/decide everything immediately.

Started volunteering at the Superhero Supply Store. On Tuesdays I help with the writing drop-in sessions and do tutoring. Thursdays I mind the shop. Something to do over the summer, and it's making the world a slightly better place, too.

I thought I had so much more to say.