Friday, November 18, 2005

Parent Teacher Night

Parent Teacher Night is usuall a nightmare, just awful. Nobody comes, I'm bored, and the ones that do come aren't the ones I "need to see." But this year I didn't "need to see" (for bad reasons) anyone. But I wanted to meet all my parents, because my class rocks so much. And they all came! I was sick as a dog and missed the next day from exhaustion and a nasty cold, but it was totally worth it. There's a reason my kids are great: their parents are great. I'd actually like to hang out with them socially if I had met them outside of this context. Heck, I would anyway. They're good folk, fun, smart, and they want the best for their kids. I hope I stay in touch with them once the school system pries this class out of my hands.

Novel is still going, almost 30 thousand words at this point. Might be something no one will ever read, but it's a good excercise.

So, in conclusion: yay parents, yay my class, yay writing.


At 9:59 AM, Anonymous roel said...

Errr, Joe--

I just clicked on your link "The Homepage of Galactus, yo." I'm not sure it leads where you think.

Just wanted to bring this to your attention.



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