Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ashland, Kentucky's National Holiday

Almost ten years ago some of my old friends and I instituted a new holiday. It was the year I was to graduate high school, 1996. We declared that every ten years starting on that special day, the sixth day of June would be forever known as Evil Day. The first Evil Day was celebrated with great gusto. An EVIL role-playing game was played in the park . . .with Mormons! Next we went to a children's playground . . .and walked UP the slide and went DOWN the stairs! EEEEVIL! Water guns were bought, wars were fought in dense woods, and speed limits were BROKEN!

It was truly a day of Evil.

The second Evil Day is upon us, less than one month away. I had planned on asking my friends to come to NY for the occasion, but since I'm asking them to come to Ashland (none are there anymore) less than one month after that, it seems excessive. I don't know how to celebrate Evil Day this year. I am beginning to think on it. I know a day of work will most likely be missed for the occasion. Lisa suggests that I wear all white that day. I think she just likes me in white, to be honest.

What are you going to do for Evil Day, my fellow nerds? Perhaps you will inspire me to greater heights of Evil than I ever thought possible. I have to make this one good, because I'll soon never be allowed to have fun AGAIN.


At 2:57 AM, Anonymous john k said...

6-6-06 is the day for the corn bazooka experiment. eat noting but canned whole kernel corn. chew as little as possible. post results / experience as a human corn bazooka.

At 2:02 PM, Blogger Apodaca said...

Get really drunk, call up your closest friends, and tell them exactly what their problem is and what you love most about them.

Having that kind of self-awareness is EVIL!


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