Thursday, August 25, 2005

Past Lives

Before I became a teacher, I worked in a post house here in NYC. We did spots, commercials, and your occasional MTV show. I was mostly a receptionist and client services person.

The company held a 10th anniversary party tonight and I was invited. It was fucking swanky as hell. Rooftop in Tribeca, string quartet, another band, good food, the works. And, of course, Gilbert Gottfried walking around in a sportcoat and boxers.

It was odd. Great to see my friends from there, but just so strange to remember that part of my life. A waiter came up to me and actually said, "You look like a graphic designer? Are you? Because I'm looking to get into--" and gave me his whole spiel before I got to say, "No, I teach second grade. Call me when you need to learn how to add." The politics and the sniveling that come with the business and the fun. Reminds me I made, for me, the right decision.


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