Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Recent Kiddie Antics

I saw two of my really well-behaved girls passing a note back and forth so I read it.

"Dear Laura,

You are my best friend. You are so nice. If you tell anyone I WILL KILL YOU.


I wondered if this was some sort of joke so I let the experiment go on. They kept passing notes to each other like "You're so sweet, thank you. Tell anyone and I WILL KILL YOU." When I read that one they both giggled.

My kids are weird.


The other day, as we're getting started on our writing work, Justin raises his hand.

"Mr. Rice, I forgot to tell you something on the carpet." I figure he remembered something about our lesson on how characters interact with each other. He continues, "One time my dad got hit with a tranquilizer gun."

This is simultaneously hilarious, depressing, and fascinating.


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