Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Ah hell!

You gotta be kidding me.

I just wrote a review of all but the last of the comics from this week. And somehow my browser went back a page. When I went forward again it was all gone.

Boy, it was brilliant stuff.

Crap. This is so annoying.

Uggggh. Here we go again.

Doc Frankenstein was OK. Doc Savage + Frankenstein with Catholophobia. Neat idea, not so neat execution.

Street Angel is awesome. Read it or be a bad person. Clean art, good story, moving bits.

Jubilee has art that is starting to bother me. Good story, racially extreme art.

Detective Comics finally has Lapham. Wish he had Sienkiewicz, too. Nice, smaller story. No colorful villains. Batman's life. I want to see more of the sociopolitical stuff. Batman taking down the robber barons.

Never read Suicide Squad, but always thought Deadshot looked cool. Decent dark hero stuff. Antiheroes don't act . . .that's the technical definition. Comics and movies say antiheroes are morally grey heroes. That's not the real meaning. Floyd is a protagonist here, trying to clean up the neighborhood of a daughter he didn't know he had. Badass stuff, light and fun in an action movie way.

OK, back to where I was before. Sorry about the terseness. Actually, some probably prefer it.

The next up is the Avengers double bill New Avengers and Ultimates 2. Two pretty books, alternate versions of the same team, both pretty different from the traditional set-up. There's a lot of talking in both. We get pages of conversation. Pages. We get some pretty pictures. We get the glimmer of a story beginning. Some of it is even kind of interesting (Sentry, Volstagg/Loki). But can we PLEASE declare the "decompressed" trend passe? I want some comics where some shit happens for once!

Comics like The Question. Holy hell, it looks great. It really, really looks great. The surrealistic narration is good and it WORKS! The plot is interesting. The villains new and fun . . .I hope people are reading this. Lex is a fun bad guy, there's a character named "Six True Words," Lois is badass, Superman is around but not . . .read it.

There is no finer comic out there than Love and Rockets. Reading Locas really reaffirmed it. THIS is good comics. The people wanting adult stories, the people wanting beautiful art, the people that LIKE GOOD LOOKING WOMEN FOR PETE'S SAKE! WHY AREN'T YOU READING THIS IF YOU AREN'T? And those that are, roll call! Give a testimony, just like in a Southern church.

And from the finest comics, to the worst World's Finest . . .Superman/Batman suffered through a year of totally awful stories. Awful, awful, awful. Some awful, awful, awful art, too. So why the hell is the latest arc working? It's fun, it's nerd-pleasing without nerd-pandering (the nerd details enrich the story instead of making the story (cough cough Rebirth)), and it sure is pretty. AND QUALITY HEROES! I make no bones about loving the Freedom Fighters just about sight-unseen. Dunno if I've ever read a good story with them, but I know they've got it. And so here we find the Dystopian Dictatorship turn into a version of Earth X (not the crap Alex Ross thing, pre-Crisis awesomeness). The Freedom Fighters against a dictatorship over America. The narration is still completely terrible and gratuitous, but I have to say the rest has me intrigued. Other fans of superheroes who hated the rest of these, try it. And those that think I'm so much of an indy/art snob that I can't enjoy disposable "pure superhero" stuff, nyah nyah.


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