Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Turkey turkey turkey

I'll be taking a blogging break starting tomorrow. I'll be spending the holidays with my fiancee and renewing our annual cycle of eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping. We become like retarded bears or something during this holiday, constantly groggy and only awake long enough to re-triptophanify ourselves.

In that light, I have decided to compile some thankfulness lists. However, since those are boring as shit, I have opted to alter them a bit. So they will be divided into different categories, starting with:

Things for which I would be thankful were I a program in the movie Tron

1. Lightcycles
2. As a devout Flynnian, I'm thankful that my Lord and Savior made himself a program in our world in order to save us from the MCP
3. I look fucking awesome ALL THE TIME.
4. Hot deleted love scenes
5. Lightcycles (goddam they are so cool)

Janet Van Dyne's Thanksgiving List

1. Brad Meltzer does not work for Marvel

Teddy (Lisa and Helen's dog) is thankful for:

1. Peeing
2. Sleeping
3. Making poodies
4. Beer
5. Cookies
7. Green squeaky thing
8. The decline of Western civilization

Classified Thanksgiving List by Snake-Eyes

1. GI Joe cartoon off the air.
2. I can nap in my mask and no one would know.
3. Duke gets no play
4. Being a ninja commando badass
5. Dogs
6. Arrested Development, that show is hilarious!
7. Seven Soldiers of Victory is going to whip serious ass.
8. Tim's Dio-Stories

From the desk of President Bartlett

1. I'm real, Bush is not.
2. No one knows about my kill-spree in the badlands of the midwest as a young lad or my time as a special-ops assassin in 'Nam.
3. My show is a bit better than last year, which was real bad.
4. My awesome hair
5. Lightcycles


At 3:59 PM, Blogger Ed Cunard said...

And you are hairy, like bear. Let's not leave that out. For all intents and purposes, you are a celestial constellation.

Had I not already gone on bloghiatus, I would have stolen your idea.

I may do it anyway.


1. Yay! The One-True-Lantern is back!
2. Yay! The One-True-Lantern is back!
3. Even if the comic is shit, He's back!
4. Yay!


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