Thursday, November 04, 2004

When it comes down to it . . .

Remember that list of unread comics from yesterday? It's still sitting on my desk. The reason is, if I have the choice, I'd rather continue reading Locas by Jaime Hernandez. Holy crap it's so good. The art, the story, the humor, the character work . . .it's all dead on perfect. Jaime is a genius. And NOBODY draws better women. Nobody. Screw those T&A hacks like Turner, Lisner, and Benes. Screw even those talented T&A guys like Hughs, Maguire, ore Paquette. Jaime is the man. He draws the only drawings to whom I've ever been attracted. And I'm attracted to almost all of them.

Oh, man. What a nerdy topic of conversation.

Tomorrow I'm off to Jersey. From thence shall I travel to Pennsylvania. There I will shoot things and people all the live-long day. Watch your back, friends and acquaintances and friends of friends. I just broke out my black poncho.


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